Our Motto

Don’t be satisfied with satisfactory. And don’t accept merely acceptable. 

A precious overhaul contributor of cooling with a touch of panache 

A prominent leader in the service market, we provide an assortment of services to enhance the cooling of the world, responsibly. We focus on sales, installations, preventive measures, repairs and corrective maintenance for domestic and industrial customers. It’s been a few years since the company has cropped up, but has made a distinguished name and a niche for itself with its record-breaking, all-encompassing and delighting services. 

At Onyx Air Cool, our innovative methods of servicing and engineering are a sustainable competitive advantage. We deliver market-leading products services with a touch of extravagance and innovation, leading to improved energy-conservation, and customer-centric styling. 

Established in 2003, Onyx Air Cool throws in a pack of flamboyant services leveraging unique and cost-friendly services for its clients in India and overseas. Our belief in Quality has taken us far ahead of competition. Quality Assurance is the cornerstone of our success. 

We are a well-led organization with a distinct approach. Our eco-friendly style of working has also been a huge contribution. Our highly qualified, professional and experienced employees lead in developing breakthrough technologies to combat client’s problems. 

Our distinct and loyal workforce has pushed us to a greater level of success that is dedicated and courteous. 

We believe in providing not just a service, but an experience, by maintaining a trusting relationship with our clients. 

Always ahead of our times, we lead the giants of the industry to success. 

Our Vision
We shall offer superior services here – at a profit if we can – at a loss if we must – but always superior services. 

Our Mission
Our Mission is to eliminate mediocrity by providing more than service, by providing experience. 

Punch Line
Cooling the World, Reliably

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